Dallas Ft. Worth
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The Deck – Reception & Happy Hour

Thu, Jun 15, 2017 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Division Brewing
506 East Main Street
Arlington, TX 76010

Come out to Division Brewing and raise a glass to celebrate the completion of our first annual community project: The Deck! Fifty-four members came together to create this unique set of playing cards, with gorgeous packaging and card backs designed by our friends at 70KFT.

AIGA DFW members can pick up their free copy of The Deck at the reception, and additional copies will be available for purchase. Please RSVP so we can reserve your copy! We welcome all AIGA members, non-members, and students to connect at this complimentary happy hour.

The Deck is brought to you by

Cartamundi USA has partnered with us on this unique community project. Cartamundi USA is a playing card manufacturer and specialty package printer. With almost 250 years of experience, 7 manufacturing facilities, 11 international branches, hundreds of agents and distributors in more than 50 countries, Cartamundi has established itself as the worldwide playing card leader with an impressive array of specialty print services. Learn more at cartamundiusa.com.

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Special thanks to the following members:

Box & card backs

Renee Nelson & Gus Granger, 70KFT

Ace of clubs

Adaeze Okwesa, UT Dallas

2 of clubs

Hamid Hasami

3 of clubs

Daniel Beauchamp

4 of clubs

Nicole Clark

5 of clubs

Lee Ann Bandy, LISD

6 of clubs

Tawni Schurman

7 of clubs

Loryn O'Donnell

8 of clubs

Ayumi Anderson, Walsh Group

9 of clubs

Zach Shirley, Brad Cecil & Associates

10 of clubs

Rebekah Shamsa, Corgan Media Lab

Jack of clubs

Jennifer Huang

Queen of clubs

Colleen Hartley Creative

King of clubs

Jon Sandruck, AIGA Dallas Fort Worth

Ace of diamonds

Jarred Elrod, TTU

2 of diamonds

Reva Hunter, 84 Design Studio

3 of diamonds

Sheryl Campbell, Studio C

4 of diamonds

Sean Ficht, UT Arlington

5 of diamonds

Veronica Vaughan, UTA, Art and Art History Department

6 of diamonds

Jake Dalton

7 of diamonds

Christie Smith, Curly Code Creative

8 of diamonds

Savannah Farthing

9 of diamonds

Monica Nguyen

10 of diamonds

Iwona Waluk

Jack of diamonds

Paige Baumgartner, Favorite Medium

Queen of diamonds

Lauren Carter, LJ Carter Creative

King of diamonds

Doug May, May & Co.

Ace of hearts

Pauline Hudel-Smith, UTA, Art and Art History Department

2 of hearts

Allison Ruiz

3 of hearts

Malik Perry

4 of hearts

Taylour Beadling, Kimley-Horn

5 of hearts

Hector Cavazos, Tenet Healthcare

6 of hearts

Whitney Holden, madison/miles media

7 of hearts

Chad Murphy, The Fowler Group

8 of hearts

Frances Yllana, Imaginuity

9 of hearts

Candace Azevedo, Dodd Creative Group

10 of hearts

Samantha Angeles, TPN

Jack of hearts

Josue Olivas, Brand Hatchery

Queen of hearts

Lily Smith-Kirkley, Lilco Letterpress

King of hearts

Willie Baronet, Southern Methodist University

Ace of spades

Jimmy Ball, SiriusXM Radio

2 of spades

Michaela Keck

3 of spades

Mixed Media Creations

4 of spades

Steve Lovelace

5 of spades

J.R. Arebalo, American Airlines

6 of spades

Taryn Bzdick

7 of spades

Jenna Bradford, Mass. Electric Construction Co.

8 of spades

Sharlotte Bouniol, GB Graphix

9 of spades

Mark Fallis

10 of spades

Tessa Jimes

Jack of spades

Bill Ford

Queen of spades

Emily Oldfather

King of spades

Scott McFadden Creative


Jessica Gavit, Switch

Joker 2

Jon Buell, Buell Design