Design Thinking 101

Ever wonder what it really takes to be a successful facilitator? Curious what a proper Design Thinking process should entail? If so, we’ve got the perfect virtual event for you.

Join us for DT 101, an online session led by Jennifer Marin Jericho, a trained design thinking facilitator, co-founder of Creative LeadCon, and admirable ringleader of general awesomeness. On May 30, she’ll guide us in understanding the design thinking process from beginning to end, and get real with the audience about the skills and personal attributes that a successful facilitator needs.

About Jennifer Marin Jericho: A trained design thinking facilitator, educator, and strategic thinker, Jennifer is an in-house Brand Director, co-owner of The Jericho Vinegar Works, a design and illustration studio, and co-founder of AIGA Creative LeadCon. Jennifer has led dozens of workshops, learning through practice while teaching others how to plan and facilitate. Her experience in design thinking is driven by her belief that effective communication and collaboration leads to beautiful solutions that solve problems for real people.

When & Where
Sat, May 30, 2020 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM CDT
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